Penalties: Myths v Facts

Forty years ago, at Euro 1976, we saw the first major international tournament decided by penalties. Czechoslovakia beat Germany 5-3 with one of the most famous penalties ever seen (‘the Panenka’ chip down the middle). Before then, drawn matches were … Continue reading →

Home Advantage: Euro 2016

The European Championship is here and many pundits are tipping France to win the tournament. Apart from having a very strong squad, a common belief has emerged that France already has a head start, as they’ll be able to benefit from the advantages of … Continue reading →

5 Ways to Improve Mental Health

During the safety briefing on every plane journey adults are reminded that, in case of an emergency, they are to secure their own oxygen masks before they help their children fit theirs. Why? Because it helps you look after children more effectively. … Continue reading →

Don’t Be A Slave to Your Phone

We live in an age of distraction. A recent report found that there are now more mobile phones on the planet than people. The ability to concentrate on a task is central to learning (as Daniel Willingham says, ‘memory is the residue of thought’). So … Continue reading →

The Morning of an Exam

Our latest article for The Guardian looks at six tips to help students on the morning of an exam. When you’ve worked so hard revising, it would be a shame to leave the last few hours before entering the examination hall to chance. … Continue reading →

How Not To Teach Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is arguably one of the most popular psych theories in education. Teachers seemed to have widely embraced the concepts behind growth mindset.  Most who work in education would agree that if you if you turn up, work hard, learn from your … Continue reading →