Have you got growth mindset fatigue yet? It probably takes about 18 months to really set in. The main symptoms include an early euphoria and enthusiasm after reading Carol Dweck’s book ‘Mindset, closely followed by assemblies telling students that they can improve and praising their effort, and finally culminating in a bit of frustration in their slow progress and your desire for more practical strategies.

If so, you are in good company. A recent survey found that 98% of teachers believe that if their students have a growth mindset it will lead to improved student learning, but only 20% of them believe they are good at fostering a growth mindset and 85% want more training and practical strategies.

"Thanks again for delivering another great session to our students. I know they really enjoyed it and for many of them it’s what stood out the most about that day. Our staff also commented on how good they thought the session was."
CN, Mossbourne Academy
“Thank you for your visit last week. The boys have said that so far this was the best workshop they have had! So very positive, thank you.”
NS, Stepney Green School
"The girls loved your session. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. We are looking forward to having you back in soon"
ML, Queen's Gate
"Thank you again for the other day. I agree with the students in that it was a fantastic presentation and I am sure it will have a positive impact on the students"
M'OK, Bushey Meads
"Our students thoroughly enjoyed your motivational and success talk. We can't wait to invite you back again"
"The feedback from the students speaks volumes! I personally found them extremely useful as well!"
DL, Croydon College
"Thanks for your help this year, the students really enjoyed the sessions"
DE, Alec Reed Academy
"I liked how it was engaging and made me think about how to handle this year"
Student, Kingston Grammar School
"The presenter was absolutely amazing. She was very entertaining and very clear. I thought it was incredibly inspirational and definitely what I needed. Thank you"
Student, Mulberry School for Girls
"It was something different to what we usually do. It has helped me to understand what happens to your body when under pressure and what I can do to prevent it"
Student, Sacred Heart High School
"It was really inspiring and very motivational"
Student, Park High School
"The energy of the speaker. It was inspirational. He kept us all engaged"
Student, Sir John Cass School
"Really excellent speaker, great workshop. It kept my attention throughout"
Student, Bexley Grammar School
"It changed my mindset. I now know how to be more successful. I truly believe I can do better"
Student, Cardinal Pole Catholic School
"Our year 12s absolutely loved it and got a lot out of it. Thank you so much for coming in and inspiring our students"
TS, Overton Grange
"For the third year now, you have delivered wonderfully dynamic sessions, which the girls continue to enjoy"
RK, Queen's Gate
"What an amazing result! Thank you very much for your excellent delivery. I believe our students engaged in a lot of learning and found it totally enjoyable"
DR, Brooke House Sixth Form
"The students had a lovely day and took away so much. The feedback is amazing!"
LM, Harris Academy Bermondsey
"Very useful information and inspirational and made me want to do more with my life and try hard at whatever I may do"
Student, Park High School
"The workshop was very applicable to my current situation. It was very important for me to recognise how to control my nerves"
Student, Bexley Grammar
"I really liked the fact that it is all research based and plenty of opportunity to reflect."
OJ, Nightingale Primary School
"The fact it was so interactive and with a lot of practical tips, activities and great engagement"
MD, Stepney Green
"It was great! The information was delivered clearly and in an interesting interactive way"
MR, St Mary Magdalen Junior School

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We can improve your students’ mindset and performance under pressure using the same tools and techniques that we teach elite athletes.


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Growth Mindset

Teacher CPD - Applying Growth Mindset Theory in Schools

16th May 2018 – Rydges Hotel, 61 Gloucester Rd, London, SW7 4PE

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Teacher CPD - For those who want to know more about applying Growth Mindset Theory within schools

7th June 2018 – Rydges Hotel, 61 Gloucester Rd, London, SW7 4PE