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Sports Videos

Some videos on our work in Sports Pyschology

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch on BBC Breakfast

Bradley discusses resilience, performance under pressure, mental health and dealing with setbacks in high-level sports on BBC Breakfast.

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch with The Open University

Bradley talks to The Open University about InnerDrive’s work on confidence and managing nerves in sport.

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch on BBC Radio 5 Live

Bradley discusses the role of sport psychology in football on BBC Radio 5 Live

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch on BBC World News

The Psychology of Colour – Bradley comments on Norwich City’s attempt to gain an advantage by painting the away dressing room pink.

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch on CNBC Sport

Bradley talks to CNBC about the stats behind he perfect penalty,

Sports Psychologist Bradley Busch of InnerDrive on BT Sport

Bradley talks about sports psychology on BT Sport before the FA Cup Final

Sports Psychology with Carlton Cole of West Ham and England

We worked with Carlton Cole before and during his glory years as top striker in the Premiership and as he broke into the England team. In this video Carlton tells us what he got from the experience.

Sports Psychology at Crystal Palace Academy

Crystal palace academy players, including Wilfred Zaha, tell us what they thought of our work with them. At the end there is a nice recommendation from the academy manager of the day, David Moss