The Four Cups Experiment

We use this video to demonstrate the difference between narrow and wide focus. It is difficult, if not impossible, to do both at the same time. We then discuss when is best to deploy each.

How to fold a t-shirt like an expert

We use this video to demonstrate that people can always improve and get better. Good is often the enemy of great, but with some learning and some application, remarkable things can be achieved.

The Coin Toss Experiment - Part Two

After you have watched Part One, but not before, watch this video. This shows how Edward was able to make his amazing prediction in Part One come true . This video shows that what students see online may not be real.

The Coin Toss Experiment - Part One

We use Part One and Part Two of the Coin Toss videos to illustrate that all is not as it seems online. What someone posts online may not be what is actually true and accurate of their real life. Watch Part One and then watch Part Two

The Messy Desk Experiment

We use this video to start a discussion about the importance of an uncluttered study environment. Can you get the students to count how many potential distractions they see and how many they have themselves at home where they revise?

The Multi-Tasking Experiment

We use this video to demonstrate that trying to multi-tasking (i.e. consciously doing two things at once) is pretty much impossible. The task is to work out what the text message is as well as listening to the phone conversation. After which, the presenter asks a number of questions about the conversation, such as ‘what … Read more