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InnerDrive and Routledge launch 'The Teacher CPD Academy' book series

InnerDrive and Routledge launch ‘The Teacher CPD Academy’ book series

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InnerDrive and Routledge are very excited to announce the launch of a new and innovative book series: “The Teacher CPD Academy”.

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What to expect from the Teacher CPD Academy book series

The series will cover the wide-ranging applications of Cognitive Science to Teaching & Learning. Each book will also be accompanied by an interactive training module on InnerDrive’s Teacher CPD Academy online platform.

Annamarie Kino, Commissioning Editor at Routledge says “Routledge are delighted to be publishing this exciting new series with InnerDrive. Written by leading experts, The Teacher CPD Academy series offers a deep dive in key areas that matter to teachers through a lens of Cognitive Science alongside supporting classroom examples and graphics. The InnerDrive team excel at making complex educational research accessible and easy to apply, and the books in the series will provide teachers and school leaders with evidence-based strategies to enhance teaching and student learning in sustainable and meaningful ways.”

The series will be co-edited by InnerDrive’s founder, Edward Watson and InnerDrive’s lead psychologist, Bradley Busch. Edward Watson commented that “it is a real pleasure to collaborate with Routledge on this exciting project. We have loved working with them on our last two books, The Science of Learning and Teaching & Learning Illuminated. Their commitment to helping develop evidence-informed teaching and producing high-quality books makes them an ideal publisher for InnerDrive to partner with.”

Bradley Busch says that “we are very proud to be able to platform brilliant researchers, teachers and senior leaders as part of this series. They are going to cover areas of topics that matter to classroom teachers and how they can apply Cognitive Science research in new and innovative ways.”

The first books from the Teacher CPD Academy series

The first wave of the books in the Teacher CPD Academy series have been confirmed. They include:

The first book in the series is due to be published towards the end of 2024. Over the coming weeks and months, more details and information about each of these books will be released. To be the first to hear about it and our latest Teaching & Learning research resources, join our newsletter.

About the editor

Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch is a Chartered Psychologist and a leading expert on illuminating Cognitive Science research in education. As Director at InnerDrive, his work focuses on translating complex psychological research in a way that is accessible and helpful. He has delivered thousands of workshops for educators and students, helping improve how they think, learn and perform. Bradley is also a prolific writer: he co-authored four books including Teaching & Learning Illuminated and The Science of Learning, as well as regularly featuring in publications such as The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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