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Twinkl’s recommended books to read

Twinkl’s recommended books to read

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  • Becoming evidence-informed

We were very excited to see The Science of Learning feature in Twinkl’s recommended books that every KS1 teacher should read.

We wrote the Science of Learning to address three big issues in Teaching & Learning research. They were:

  1. With so much research out there, it is hard to know where to start
  2. If you know what research you want to read, it can (very frustratingly) be locked behind paywalls
  3. Even if you can get access to them, they are often written in very psych heavy jargon primarily for other researchers
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We believe knowledge is power. And that there is gold out there in the research. But for it to make a tangible difference it needs to be accessible and applicable for all. The Science of Learning making Twinkl’s list is amazing to see, as we hope it is an indication that we are achieving what we set out to do.

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You can see their full list here (and you will also notice another author who features on our Teacher CPD Academy; Professor John Hattie).