Mobile Phone Addiction

Find out how your phone might be running your life, and learn some tips for taking back control

 mobile phones have become part of our life

But do you use yours too much? Do you need to come out and say:

‘I suffer from mobile phone addiction’?

Having the world at our finger tips can be pretty amazing. We can find out the weather half way across the world or connect to someone in Australia at the touch of a button. But using your phone can be addictive. In this guide we’ll go through the dangers of mobile phone addiction. We’ll also look at ways to help you stop being a slave to your phone.

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5 Reasons to put your Phone Away

Why is mobile phone addiction so harmful? Take a look at our top 5 reasons to put your phone away.

  • Lowers Concentration - Even the presence of a mobile phone can lower your concentration

  • FoMO – Overusing your phone can contribute to your Fear of Missing Out.

  • Reduces Memory – Messages and notification affect your ability to remember goals and targets whilst you work.

  • Stress and Anxiety – Constant over-use of mobile phones leads to increased anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and low self esteem.

  • Makes your Sleep Worse - Using your phone every day will lead to poor sleep quality and duration.
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    5 Ways to take control

    It's totally in your power to manage your addiction . Check out this handy info-graphic for our full rundown of what you can do to take back control. Take a look below to see our top 5:

    • Set Yourself a Time Limit - Setting yourself limits can help curb your addiction, if you're finding you don't have the willpower then try these apps that help to limit screen time

    • Limit Notifications in Settings - You can take full control of what your phone notifies you about and when it does it.

    • Think of it as a Reward – By making time on your phone a reward for revision or other work, you can change the fundamental basis of your relationship with your phone.

    • Don't Have it Out when you Revise – There is no such thing as multi-tasking, so when you have your phone out while you revise you are diverting your concentration away from your work.

    • Turn Down Your Backlight Before Bed – Your backlight tricks your brain into thinking its day, making you less tired and more attached to your phone. Check out this blog for more information on your phone and sleep.

    Mobile phone addiction is a real thing. If you feel withdrawal symptoms when away from your handset then it might be time to start taking control.

    We've compiled all of our resources that can best help you tackle mobile phone addiction to help you to get a grip on your mobile phone usage.



    Benefits of Sleep Resources



    What are the negative impacts of mobile phones?

    One of the most worrying impacts of mobile phones is that they can cause a deterioration in wellbeing. This is because they increase stress and anxiety; they can also lower self-esteem as the distorted lens of social media shows you only other people’s successes.

    Are mobile phones a distraction in schools?

    Yes. Research has shown that students who use their phones more during class attain poor grades. The idea that students can multi-task is a myth. Using phones in class lowers student concentration which reduces the chance that information will be retained in the long-term memory.

    Is it OK to be on your phone before bed?

    No. The light emitted by your mobile phone can stop the production of a hormone, melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy. Therefore, if you are going to use your phone at night you should turn down the brightness, so that your brain isn’t confused into thinking that it’s daytime.

    What can I do about my mobile phone addiction?

    Take control of what you are notified of and when by changing your phone settings. Alternatively, switch your phone off or use airplane mode. If you lack the will power to do this then give your phone to someone you trust to look after it for a set amount of time.

    Can you recommend more stuff for me to read about mobile phone addiction?

    Here are a few good places to start:

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