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Retrieval practice: research and resources for every classroom, by Kate Jones

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Evidence base
Retrieval practice: research and resources for every classroom, by Kate Jones

What is the book about?

Head of department, classroom teacher and award-winning educational speaker and author Kate Jones breaks down arguably the most popular area of cognitive psychology in education: Retrieval Practice. The book covers a wealth of academic research as well as innovative ways to apply it in the classroom.

Why read this book?

This book is the definitive one-stop shop for all things retrieval practice. Kate Jones covers the seminal research in a clear way and then uses her experience in the classroom to illustrate how to translate it into practice. This book will be of interest to everyone in teaching & learning as it covers other important areas that are linked to memory, such as spacing, interleaving and dual coding.

Who is this book for?

This book will help those in charge of teaching and learning, as well as both new and experienced teachers.

Evidence base

Kate Jone’s book is very evidence-based. So much so that it might be the most comprehensive overview of the research in this area that we have come across. Kate also provides a reference list of academic journals and complementary books on the area at the end of each chapter. This means that, in addition to everything you can learn from the book itself, you know exactly where to look for further reading.


The book is conveniently divided into four distinct chapters, which build on each other:

  • ‘What the research tells us’
  • ‘Retrieval Practice in the classroom’
  • ‘Retrieval Practice and the science of learning’
  • ‘Retrieval Practice and revision strategies’

The reader can either read it cover-to-cover or quickly find a specific section or strategy. This flexible approach makes this a book that you can easily refer back to regularly, as it is very easy to dip in and out and of it.

One of our favourite features of this book is that it is well designed, making it easier to read. Several illustrations summarise the key points – a very clever nod to dual-coding, discussed in the book as well.


What really separates this book from most that we have read in this area, is how practical and useful it is. We obviously love the research focus of it, but this book has managed to cover the research and present numerous strategies and suggestions on how to implement retrieval practice in the classroom effectively as well. You’ll find many new games and tips in there – we especially liked ‘Retrieval Practice Placemat’, ‘Picture Prompt’ and ‘Walkabout Bingo’.

Furthermore, there is a nice little section on how to utilise technology to enhance retrieval practice, a growing area of interest for both researchers and educators. Her recommendations of ‘Quizizz’ and ‘Plicker’ are definitely worth checking out.

Value for money

This book is great value for money. It’s on Amazon currently for £8.70, which is amazing given its quality. What also makes this book so worth it is the amount of free resources that comes with it. These can be downloaded online through a barcode at the back of the book for no extra cost.

Why we love this book

  • Topical – Given the current drive to become more research-engaged in education, many teachers will find something they’re interested in in this book.
  • Practical – It provides evidence-based strategies teachers can easily employ in the classroom.
  • Clearly illustrated – This complements the ideas discussed in the book well.
  • Universal – Both new and experienced teachers would benefit from this book.

Final thoughts

Being a teacher herself, Kate Jones has given this book an incredibly authentic feel. If the area of memory and retrieval practice interests you, we cannot think of a better recommendation than Retrieval Practice: Research and Resources for Every Classroom. The research it covers is thorough and comprehensive, whilst the strategies and tips on how to weave it into classroom practice are innovative and practical. Simply put, Kate Jones has provided the ultimate guide for teachers on how to use retrieval practice in the classroom.

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