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How Can a Sport Psychologist Help Me Be a Better Football Player?

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Everything You Need To Know About How Sport Psychology Can Help

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performance under pressure

Working with a sport psychologist can help you play better football on match-day by improving your:

  • Confidence – having faith in your ability and improving how you talk to yourself

  • Concentration – blocking out distractions and focusing on the right thing at the right time

  • Intensity – playing with high levels of intensity over larger periods of time

  • Decision Making – the ability to make the correct decision, quickly, when under pressure

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all round performance

As well as performing under pressure, a sport psychologist can help you be a better football player by improving your:

  • Coping Skills - managing setbacks and poor performance

  • Leadership - communicating effectively and consistently

  • Learning – use post-match feedback better

  • Training Focus – having clear goals that motivate you in the week

Football psychology makes a big difference. You can’t play at your best if you are not confident, focused and mentally tough.

But how much time do you spend actually training your mindset? Probably not much. That's where a Sports Psychologist can help.



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As a sport psychologists, which footballers have you helped?

We have had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the best footballers in the country. These include senior internationals who have played for England, Scotland, Wales and Japan. We have worked with many players from a range of clubs that include Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Watford and Brighton and Hove Albion.

What does work with a football sport psychologist look like?

We work with individuals on a private confidential basis. Sessions take place wherever our clients prefer. This includes at the training ground or at their house.

Are there any tips from a sport psychologist that can help footballers play better?

Yes lots! Here's a quick one. Focus on what is most important and what you can control. What three things do you need to do well in order to have a great game? Focusing on them and not on any distractions allows you to get into the zone faster.

How else can a football sport psychologist help?

You can break down mental toughness into three sections; before, during and after a match. Before a match it is all about good focus in the build-up. During a match it is about performing well under pressure. After a match it is about reflecting and learning as much as possible from the experience.

The last sport psychologist I saw didn’t really understand football. Do you?

Yes, Some sport psychologists are great university lecturers and researchers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always translate into helping footballers play better. We are different. We have worked with hundreds of footballers over many years and have helped academy footballers earn pro contracts, first team players play better and helped senior internationals represent their country. So the answer is yes we do.

I think I want to work with a football sport psychologist. What are the next steps?

Get in touch with us here. We are happy to have a chat about what we do and how you could play better football by working with a sport psychologist.

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