The Teaching &
Learning Summit:
The Speakers


Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch is a chartered psychologist at InnerDrive. He is one of the leading experts on how psychological research can best help students and teachers improve how they think, learn and perform. Along with Edward Watson, he is the author of best-selling education books Release Your Inner Drive and The Science of Learning: 77 studies that every teacher should know. Outside of education, he works with Premiership and international footballers as well as helping members of Team GB win medals at London 2012 and Rio 2016. Follow at @Inner_Drive


David Weston

David Weston is the founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, Chair of the Department for Education’s Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group and, alongside Bridget Clay, author of Unleashing Great Teaching: the secrets to the most effective teacher development. David taught maths and physics for ten years and is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. David speaks and writes frequently for the education sector and national media on the subject of teaching, teacher development and LGBT issues. Follow at @informed_edu


Edward Watson

Edward Watson is the founder of InnerDrive, a mental skills company that helps students and teachers improve how they think, learn and perform. He graduated Oxford University and served 7 years in the Army. After an MBA at London Business School, he worked as a strategic management consultant. In 2006, he founded InnerDrive and has since designed and delivered student workshops and CPD for hundreds of schools. Along with Bradley Busch, he is the author of Release Your Inner Drive and The Science of Learning. Follow at @Inner_Drive


Iro Konstantinou

Dr Iro Konstantinou is a Research Associate at the Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning at Eton College and edits the Eton Journal for Research and Innovation in Education. She oversees the Leadership Institute, develops Higher Education (HE) modules in research methods, researches interventions to improve wellbeing in student transition to HE for Pearson and is the manager of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership initiatives. Iro is also conducting research into character skills for the workplace and beyond and how to foster them within HE. She is a research fellow at BrainCanDo. Follow at @IroKonstantinou


John Tomsett

John Tomsett is Headteacher at Huntington School and Research School, York, writes the blog This much I know… and co-founded the Headteachers’ Roundtable Think Tank. He wrote two books: Love over Fear, this much I know about growing truly great teaching and This much I know about Mind Over Matter, Improving mental health in our schools. His latest book, Putting Staff First: A Blueprint to revitalise our schools is co-authored with Jonny Uttley, CEO of The Education Alliance Trust. Follow at @johntomsett


Jonnie Noakes

Jonnie Noakes is Director of Teaching and Learning at Eton and the Director of The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning. He is an expert in character education. As an English teacher, he has led departments at Eton and at the London Academy of Excellence and published fourteen texts on contemporary novels for A-Level and undergraduate level. He is a governor or trustee of several state and independent schools, a director of BrainCanDo, an editorial board member of the Chartered College of Teaching’s journal Impact, and a member of the global research committee of the International Boys’ School Coalition. Follow at @JonnieNoakes


Lucy Crehan

Lucy is an education explorer and international education consultant. She taught science and Psychology before completing a Masters in Education at Cambridge. She then worked in schools and lived with teachers in five ‘top-performing’ education systems; the basis for her book, Cleverlands: the secrets behind the success of the world’s education superpowers. On her return, Lucy wrote a book on teacher career structures for IIEP UNESCO and was part of a team advising foreign governments on education reform at Education Development Trust. She now works as an independent consultant. Follow at @lucy_crehan


Philippa Cordingley

Philippa Cordingley, Chief Executive of CUREE is a renowned expert in Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL) and the use of research for school improvement. For Ipswich Opportunity Area she leads two projects providing executive coaching to school leaders and training over 100 mentors of new and recently qualified teachers. She is a member of OECD’s Expert Group for Country reviews of ITE, a trustee of Big Education, the School 21 MAT and CPDL Charity and chairs the COT/ASCL/NAHT Research Advisory Group. Follow at @PhilippaCcuree


Bill Lucas

Bill Lucas is Professor of Learning and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester. Bill has many national and international advisory roles including with PISA’s Creative Thinking Test, the State of Victoria in Australia, Arts Council England, the Church of England, the THIS Institute at Cambridge University and CIRL. Bill is a prolific author and his latest book is Zest for Learning: Developing curious learners who relish real-world challenges.