What are the Best Ways to Revise?

Find out the best ways to revise, maximise memory and boost your learning

It’s definitely got to be done and you’ve heard plenty of theories about how to do it.

But what are the best ways to revise?

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Best Ways to Revise

So what are the best ways to revise? Strategies that have been proven to improve memory and exam grades include:

  • Using The Testing Effect – doing quizzes, tests and past-papers

  • Spacing – one hour a day for eight days is far more effective than doing eight hours in one day

  • Mixing It Up – don’t have a ‘maths day’ or a ‘science day’, do a few different subjects each day

  • Get Plenty of Sleep – sleep is a key component for good memory

  • Finding a Good Revision Buddy - revise with people who help you work harder

  • Teaching Someone – this helps ensure you understand and can explain key concepts

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Worst Ways to Revise

What does poor revision look like? These are some of the common mistakes that poor revisers make:

  • Excessive Highlighting - using highlighters for colouring in rather than highlighting key information

  • Cramming - trying to do all your revision in one go

  • Blocking – doing one subject for a long period of time and not revisiting it later

  • Procrastination – delaying starting your revision and doing it all last-minute

  • Long Breaks – having the wrong ratio of revision time to break time

  • All Nighters – sacrificing sleep in order to stay up and revise

Research shows that those who know the best ways to revise remember more, learn faster and get better grades.

So how do you navigate it all? This page will help you work out the best ways to revise. The blogs below on study skills will help ensure you are on the right path.



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What is the best revision strategy?

Experts believe that the most effective strategy is retrieval practice. This means doing an activity that requires you to answer questions cementing this knowledge to the long-term memory. Examples of retrieval practice include past papers, quizzes, multiple choice tests or having someone ask you questions about what you have been studying.

Can I listen to music whilst revising?

Probably not. Many people believe that revising with music improves their mood and level of motivation. However, whilst this may be true listening to music can also hinder the learning of complex information and damage later recall as it competes for your attention and distracts you.

How many hours a day should I revise?

There is no set number, but the more you do the more likely you are to remember the material. However, it is not all about quantity, quality makes a difference. Therefore, it is important to space out your revision, mix up your subjects and do lots of practice tests.

How do I stop my mobile phone from distracting me when I’m revising?

The easiest way to do this is by turning it off! If you can’t manage that then put your phone on airplane mode. Alternatively, try telling people when you’ll be available to avoid unwanted distractions whilst you work. There are also a number of free apps that can help you control your screen time.

Can you recommend more stuff for me to read about ways to revise?

Here are a few good places to start:

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