Using AI in Education workshop

Explore the good, the bad and the ugly of Artificial Intelligence in education, and develop strategies to use it moving forward.

Help your students to optimise their memory, develop their Metacognition and tackle challenges more effectively.

Belbin team roles analysis – equip your teachers with the skills and insights needed to maximise teamwork, collaboration, and productivity within your school.

Explores what impostor syndrome is and how you can help students to overcome it.

Stress Management Business Workshop

Develop your team members’ confidence, concentration, and emotional control.

Teamwork and Problem Solving Business Workshop

Improve group coordination by exploring the power of listening, persuasion and communication.

Help your team to handle performance stress and present ideas in a more effective, confident manner.

Make your business more resilient, filled with self-motivated and persistent people.

Help your team to communicate better, both within the company and with clients.

Enhance teamwork and leadership within your business to drive it forward more effectively.

Ensure your business and leadership is adapted to an ever-moving online world.

Unlock your full potential and show what you’re really capable of by training your mindset.

Teaching and Learning Workshops - Teacher CPD

Evidence-based, practical workshops that will help your school’s staff and teachers take teaching & learning strategies to the next level.

Master your mental game so you can play at your peak when it really matters.

Help your young players develop key mental skills for consistent, confident practice and performance.

Develop the key skills and mindset to play consistent, high-quality football under high pressure.

Teaching and Learning Workshops - Teacher CPD

Interactive, practical workshops to help your students develop skills that will help them throughout their school career and in later life.

Improve teamwork, communication, and problem-solving school-wide.

Discover how to develop resilient, self-aware students, helping them to overcome setbacks.

Unlock their leadership potential: building strong leaders in education for positive impact