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30 Studies Teachers Need to Know

This CPD workshop is available both for inset days/in school CPD.


This workshop explores the latest psychological research on learning and its applications in the classroom. It is ideal for teachers and senior leaders who would like to know more about research and how to use it.

The workshop follows from the popular “Research every teacher should know” series in the Guardian. You can also find more studies on our website.


You will become more informed about the research relevant to your everyday needs. But most importantly, this workshop investigates the practical classroom applications you can start using, based on the studies.

Explore the latest research on:

  • Mindset and resilience
  • Memory and learning
  • Self-regulation and metacognition
  • Teacher behaviour and attitudes
  • Fear of failure and perfectionism

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Teamwork & problem solving CPD - Learn how to work together towards a common goal

Teamwork & problem-solving CPD workshops are available both for inset days/in school CPD.