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Advanced Growth Mindset

Available for school inset days


This workshop is ideal for teachers and senior leaders that already have a good understanding of growth mindset but want to take their knowledge to the next level. This workshop moves beyond the basic theory and explores the very latest research. You will learn numerous practical and proven strategies that help students develop a growth mindset, as well as investigate strategies that help foster a growth mindset culture across your whole school.


  • Improve your understanding of which growth mindset interventions work and why
  • Explore the latest research – many research papers have been published in the last 12-24 months
  • Understand the nuanced and complex thought process that can lead to a fixed mindset
  • Discuss how best to bring parents on board with your growth mindset strategies
  • Includes a delicious two course meal
  • Connect with like-minded colleagues who have been on a similar growth mindset journey in their school over the past 2+ years

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Available for school inset days