Growth Mindset for Business

Make your business more resilient, filled with self-motivated and persistent people.

Research has found that companies that adopt growth approaches observe higher levels of trust between employees, higher levels of engagement, more creativity and innovation as well as a reduction in “unethical behaviour” and “blame game” cultures. Through a series of experiments and discussions our Growth Mindset workshops explain what Growth Mindset is and explore how it can be developed in your organisation.

Key messages

General Messages

  • What Growth Mindset is and is not
  • Why Growth Mindset theory was developed
  • Why it is important to individuals and organisations
  • Case studies

The role of effort

  • How the brain develops
  • The effect of fixed mindsets on effort
  • The power of expectations

Making mistakes

  • The role of mistakes in learning
  • Improving self talk
  • Creating a blame free environment
  • Development vs results

Delivering and receiving feedback

  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset thought processes
  • Better feedback

Encouraging creativity

  • Evolved negative thinking
  • Encouraging a creative mindset
  • Preventing catastrophisation

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