Business Workshops

We help business men and women use their brains better

What do we do?

The success of a company relies on making the right decisions. Good decisions create value, whereas poor decisions destroy it. Fortunately good decision making is something that can be taught and trained.

Our practice covers the traditional areas of performance psychology, sports psychology and neuroscience. Our origins are in working with elite athletes, that include Premiership footballers and GB athletes. We have taken these same principles and helped many companies from a range of sectors to help their staff improve how they think.

The company is led by Edward Watson, a retired Army major and management consultant, and Bradley Busch, a HCPC registered psychologist. We can help you and your team improve:

  • Mindset – developĀ a growth mindset to aid learning and performance
  • Leadership – understand what the four cornerstones of leadership are
  • Communication skills – say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Preparation – leave no stone left unturned in your quest for success
  • Confidence – so they act with clarity and certainty
  • Motivation – know what drives you and maximise it
  • Resilience – overcome any and every setbacks

These key mental skills together result in confident and focused people who are able to maximise their talent, delivering their very best when it matters most.



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