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We help athletes perform to their true potential

Golf Sport Psychology Coaching

Our workshops help golfers reach their potential in “the mental game” with golf sports psychology.

What is golf sports psychology coaching?

We help golfers make the best of their hours of practice to become the players that they are capable of being, with golf sport psychology.

Sport psychology can act as a powerful tool to unlock potential. Golfers spend hours training their bodies and their swing. Yet, when comparing their best and worst rounds, most of them will say that the difference is ‘in their head’. That is why golf psychology training is such an important part of performance.

At InnerDrive, we deliver practical and effective workshops for golfers, coaches and parents. Champion golfers use sport psychology to play their best golf when it really matters. Elite coaches draw on lessons from sport psychology to aid their own practice and to help their golfers. Parents use these lessons to help their junior golfer deal with setbacks, plan effective practice, and learn how to give the right kind of feedback.

We tailor our sport psychology workshops to each golfer’s specific needs. This allows our golf sport psychologists to provide high-quality and interactive support that is both effective and personalised.

If you would like to discover how we can help you, please fill in our enquiry form. We will be in touch as soon as we can to discuss the best way for us to work together.

Golf sport psychology resources

And if you would like to learn more about golf sport psychology before you reach out to us, take a look at our Sport Psychology for Golf guide page. It is full of practical tips from our sport psychologists, explanations of concepts you can use in order to become become a better golfer, and links to useful resources.

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