Golf Sport Psychology Coaching

Master your mental game so you can play at your peak when it really matters.

Sport psychology is a powerful tool to unlock your potential in golf. We coach golfers to use that tool so that they can make the best of their hours of practice and perform at their highest level.

Golfers spend hours training their bodies and their swing. However, when you ask them what the difference was between their best and worst rounds, most will identify the main difference as being “in their head”. But how much training do you do on your mindset?

Mindset training is crucial to high performance, which is why golf sport psychology coaching and training has become such a key part of elite performance. If you’re wondering why this matters so much, download our free Sport Psychology for Golf ebook.

We tailor our one-to-one golf psychology coaching sessions to each golfer. This enables our sport psychologists to provide effective, personalised and high-quality support.

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