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Growth Mindset CPD

Developing a Growth Mindset in school creates gritty, resilient students. It also encourages them to seek out better feedback, persist for longer, and cope better with change. In short students with a growth mindset become better learners and perform better at school than their fixed mindset peers. Our CPD workshops help your staff with practical tips and strategies to develop growth mindsets in their students..

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Even with the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis, learning doesn’t stop. This is why we created the InnerDrive Online Academy.

Our online modules are just as evidence-based, engaging, interactive and practical as our in-person CPD workshops. Through a mix of videos, resources and experiments, you can learn about some of the most interesting theories and strategies in education, wherever and whenever you want. Click here to take our Growth Mindset module, from £7 + VAT.


Growth Mindset is a learning theory developed by Dr Carol Dweck. It revolves around the belief that we can improve our intelligence, abilities and performance. Naturally, it has become one of the most popular psychological theories in education.

Our Growth Mindset CPD workshops are based on the latest research. But above all, your staff will learn about practical tips and strategies that they can start using straight away. They will leave our CPD workshops with a clearer understanding of what Growth Mindset is, and how to best foster it in their classrooms and at your school.


A history of intelligence and ability

  • Are you born smart, or can you become smart?
  • A history of the IQ test
  • Case studies

The role of effort

  • Teaching students that the brain can develop
  • Avoiding labels
  • How expectations affect motivation and effort
  • Purposeful praise: effort over ability and outcome

Attitude to mistakes

  • The importance of mistakes in the learning process
  • Creating a growth mindset culture
  • Efficient and effective feedback processes
  • Purposeful praise: skill attainment, improvement, asking for feedback

Dealing with setbacks

  • Famous failures
  • Improving self-talk
  • Purposeful praise: grit, determination, persistence

Risk taking and curiosity

  • The worst case scenario hardly ever happens
  • Purposeful praise: curiosity, courage, choosing a difficult task
  • Motivation
  • Ability to learn faster
  • Reaction to setbacks
  • Grit and resilience


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