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Memory and Learning

13th June 2018 – Rydges Hotel, 61 Gloucester Rd, London, SW7 4PE


This workshop explores the psychology and neuroscience of how students learn effectively.  By combining the latest research along with practical tips and suggestions, this workshop will help you improve student’s memory, concentration and mindset. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the science of learning and how you might integrate this knowledge into your teaching.


  • Tips to help your students enhance memory and develop their retention and recall
  • Strategies to enhance learning and improve exam performance
  • Understand how sleep helps memory
  • Review and discuss the latest research from psychology and neuroscience
  • Explore the importance of stress and strategies to reduce stress and procrastination


Teacher CPD - For those who want to help their students with stress management during the exam season

14th March 2018 - Rydges Hotel, 61 Gloucester Rd, London, SW7 4PE