Business Workshops

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Speaking With Confidence

Being able to present ideas to groups of people in an effective and confident manner is a key business skill. This highly personalised workshop helps participants understand how to deal with performance stress and the various available techniques that help speakers communicate well with their audience. Then through mentored practice, observation and reflection we help each participant develop their own way of presenting effectively and confidently to any size of audience.

  • You are not alone – everyone has nerves
  • Control the controllables
  • Preparation
  • Script, notes or memory?
  • How to practice
  • Use and content of slides
  • Pre match routines
  • Audience management
  • Pitch, Tone, Volume, Projection

Say What's Needed

Our teamwork and problem solving workshops explore the importance of listening carefully, persuading others, communicating clearly and group coordination. The sessions are based on solving a series of practical group problems. This allows team members to explore what good teamwork looks like thus improving group effectiveness and problem solving ability.