Sport Psychology Coaching for Athletes

Unlock your full potential and show what you’re really capable of by training your mindset.

Sports psychology support is a powerful tool that every athlete can use to unlock potential. Athletes spend a lot of time training their bodies to cope with the physical demands of their sport. When you ask them what the difference was between their best and worst performances, most will identify the main difference as being “in their head”. But how much training does your athlete do on their mindset? Mindset training is crucial to high performance and that is why sports psychology coaching and training has become such a key part of elite performance.

InnerDrive helps athletes develop their mindsets to perform to their best when it really matters. We also develop each athlete for the demands of their sport by helping them develop a Growth Mindset. This way, they can learn, thrive and grow into the athlete they are capable of being.

We tailor our one to one sport psychology coaching sessions to each athlete. This enables our sport psychologists to provide effective, personalised and high-quality support.

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