Sport Psychology

We help athletes perform to their true potential
Growth Mindset Background

Academy Football

We have worked with academy footballers, coaches and parents to help their players develop their mindset and the key skills needed to perform under pressure and enable them to go onto the next stage of their chosen career.

We have worked with a number of academies including Watford FC, Crystal Palace FC, West Ham FC and Fulham FC.

Our work in academies football covers five main areas:

  • Group Presentations – improving confidence, concentration, mindset, resilience, teamwork and communication
  • Individual Work – helping players identify which areas they need to work on and developing an action plan
  • Psych Profiles – Improve self-awareness by using our ID-MAP Psych Profiling software which provides the platform for
    further discussions on mindset
  • Coach CPD – Upskilling coaches so that they are up to speed on the latest sport psychology research and explore how to weave it into their daily coaching practice
  • Parent Workshops – Ensuring parents are on the same page and know what they can be doing to help their child psychologically develop

Help Them Improve their

  • Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Focus

We help players improve their mindset and develop the key skills needed to perform under pressure. This includes teaching strategies to improve confidence, concentration, managing nerves and frustration.