Sport Psychology Coaching

We help athletes perform to their true potential

Sport Psychology for professional footballers

Do you want to play consistent high quality football at the highest level you can? We can help you.

InnerDrive helps footballers improve their mindset and develop the key skills needed to perform at the highest level under high pressure. This ranges from teaching essential strategies to improve learning, confidence and concentration to the skills needed to manage nerves and frustration when it really matters.

We have worked with senior international players from England, Scotland, Wales and Japan and across the Premiership and Football Leagues. We also work with academy level players to help them make the step up to senior football.

We tailor our one to one football psychology coaching sessions to each footballer. This enables our sport psychologists to provide effective, personalised and high-quality support.

Get in touch via the form below and one of our sport psychologists will be in touch soon to discuss how we can best help you.

You can find a list of the teams that we have worked with here.