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We help business men and women use their brains better

Stress Management

How do you perform to your potential when it matters the most? This workshop uses the latest research from neuroscience, psychology and elite sport, to show how to improve your confidence, concentration and emotional control.

  • We all have Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  • The consequences of negative self talk
  • You can take control of how you talk to yourself
  • Make your self talk positive, helpful and energised
  • Negative emotions can often result in poor decision making
  • Pinpoint what makes you nervous or frustrated
  • Manage emotions using “Recognise Stop, Redirect”
  • Reframe threats as opportunities
  • It’s not how hard you focus but where you focus that matters
  • The common attention mistakes that we all make
  • Focus on what you can control i.e. The Me, The Now and The Process
  • The link between your body and your brain
  • How body language can impact and increase your intensity.
  • Centred breathing

Say What's Needed

This workshop shows parents how to help teenagers use their brain effectively. By better understanding how the teenage brain works and the challenges they face, they will be better able to support them. This workshop looks at 5 key areas: Multi-tasking, Memory, Sleep, Organisation and Management of Stress.