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Our student workshops

​InnerDrive is a mental skills training company.


We deliver practical, interactive workshops in schools based on the most recent research to help your students develop their mindset and acquire the key skills for success. Whatever challenges your students are facing in this catching up period, be it with their performance or well-being, we can help.

Our background is in performance and sport psychology. We work with elite athletes, Premiership footballers and Team GB Olympic athletes. This knowledge of performance under pressure and culture of excellence now allows us to help students fulfil their potential.

InnerDrive’s workshops will help your students improve their:

  • Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Stress management skills
  • Focus

We work with over 150 schools in the UK and abroad with students, staff and parents. In 2019 alone, we delivered over 750 workshops that benefited more than 78,000 students. If you want to find out which schools we have worked with, click here.

All our coaches are fully CRB checked and consistently get fantastic feedback from students, teachers and parents. Please do get in touch if you would like to hear from teachers like you who have used our services, or learn more about our team.

We also deliver CPD workshops for teachers – click here to find out more.

Want to find out more? Browse our selection of workshops below, or get in touch – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


We have a wide range of evidence-based and interactive workshops for students to help them develop into independent, motivated learners:

  • The Mastery Mindset: introduce your students to the 7 key habits of successful people.
  • Studying with The Brain in Mind: understanding how their memory and brain work helps your students learn more effectively.
  • Growth Mindset: develop your students’ independence and resilience.
  • Managing Your Mobile Phone: provide your students with the key strategies to avoid letting their phone get in the way of their learning.
  • Stress Management: help your students cope better with deadlines, exams and the other inevitable pressures of academic life.
  • Concentration Training: give your students the skills to stay focused when it matters.
  • Communicating Better: improve your students’ relationships to teachers, parents and peers with better communication and leadership skills.
  • Student Leadership: transform your students (particularly prefects and student councils) into powerful leaders through interactive games.
  • Surviving University: help your students transition into university life with confidence.
  • Going from Good to Great: improve your students’ motivation for better success.



Of course, we’re happy to visit your school and deliver these workshops in person if it is possible and safe to do so. However, all of our student workshops are also available for online delivery. We can either deliver our workshops live via your video platform of choice, or you can use the InnerDrive Online Academy.

The InnerDrive Online Academy can teach your students all about effective study skills, stress management strategies, developing effective habits and mindsets and more. We do this through a mix of videos, resources and experiments, which make our online courses as engaging, interactive and practical as the ones we’ve been delivering in person for 14 years. Plus, all modules are self-access, meaning your student can go at the pace they want, when they can.

7 habits of successful people