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Studying With The Brain in Mind

Understanding how the brain works for better learning.

This workshop is now available online

Even in normal times, this is a great workshop to start the year with. Taking good revision habits from the get-go allows students to learn better throughout the year, setting them up for long-term success. We believe this is especially true in current circumstances.

Many students may have struggled with home learning and may fear having fallen behind. September will be a great time to overcome these fears and develop effective revision habits.

This is why we’re adapting this workshop for online delivery. Whether your school is able to host in-person workshops or not next year, your students can benefit from this opportunity. Using a mix of videos, resources and practical experiments, it will be available to your students on our online platform to complete and revisit at any time.

We’ve made sure that it stays just as engaging, interactive and high-quality as the workshops we’ve been delivering in schools for 14 years. And it is even more affordable, with prices starting at £7 + VAT per student…

Find out more about the contents of the workshop below, and get in touch if you would like to learn more or discuss bookings.

About the workshop…

This workshop will teach your students how to get the most out of their brain during revision time.
By better understanding how their brain works, your students will be able to use it more efficiently.
We do this by making things very simple and understandable, whilst using lots of practical experiments and videos. However, we still base the workshop on years of cognitive psychology and neuroscience research.

This workshop will help your students improve their:

  • Self-awareness
  • Independent studying
  • Time management
  • Self-regulation


  • Why multi-tasking is so hard
  • How to be efficient and effective with your time


  • The brain’s limitations when remembering lots of information
  • How to improve memory: writing, simplifying, chunking, acronyms


  • Why teenagers struggle to get enough sleep
  • The psychological consequences of not getting enough sleep
  • How to avoid 9 common sleep mistakes


  • The conscious brain has a limited amount of mental energy
  • How to avoid procrastination

Managing stress

  • Why teenagers struggle to read emotions effectively
  • When in doubt, we often assume the worst case scenario
  • How to manage and handle stressful situations


Developing Resilient Learners