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Growth Mindset Background

Studying With The Brain in Mind

Our Studying With The Brain In Mind workshops teach students how to get the most out of their brain during revision time. By better understanding how the brain works, your students will be able to use it better. We do this by making things very simple and understandable, whilst using lots of practical experiments and videos. The workshop looks at 5 key areas: Multi-tasking, Memory, Sleep, Organisation and Managing Stress.

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  • Why multi-tasking is so hard
  • How to be efficient and effective with your time
  • The brain’s limitations when remembering lots of information
  • How to improve memory: writing, simplifying, chunking, acronyms
  • Why teenagers struggle to get enough sleep
  • The psychological consequences of not getting enough sleep
  • How to avoid 9 common sleep mistakes
  • The conscious brain has a limited amount of mental energy
  • How to avoid procrastination
Managing stress
  • Why teenagers struggle to read emotions effectively
  • When in doubt, we often assume the worst case scenario
  • How to manage and handle stressful situations



  • Self-awareness
  • Independent studying
  • Time management
  • Self-regulation

Developing Resilient Learners

Our Growth Mindset workshops use research from Carol Dweck, the originator of the mindset theory, and other researchers to teach students how they can become great independent learners. The workshop explores the importance of effort, how mistakes help you learn, how to use setbacks as motivation, and the importance of curiosity and courage. This workshop gives practical tips and suggestions to help your students to help your students develop a growth mindset and improve their resilience.