Teamwork and Problem Solving

Improve group coordination by exploring the power of listening, persuasion and communication.

The sessions are based on solving a series of practical group problems. This allows team members to explore what good teamwork looks like thus improving group effectiveness and problem solving ability.

Key messages


  • The power effectiveness of face to face communication
  • The role of feedback
  • The importance of tone and body language


  • What is Good Teamwork?
  • The power of teams
  • Leadership and “followership”
  • Hearing and listening
  • The role of leaders and the chairperson

Mechanics of Problem Solving

  • Clarifying the problem
  • Assessing the situation
  • Coming up with a plan
  • Executing the plan under pressure


  • Adapting the plan
  • Quality control
  • Maintaining urgency
  • Win-win solutions and inter-departmental teamwork

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