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What do teachers want - free evidence-informed CPD

What do teachers want? Free evidence-informed CPD

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What do teachers want? When it comes to CPD (and for that matter, any Teaching & Learning resources), what are the current priorities? Fortunately, over the past few years, Teacher Tapp have been tracking the answer to these questions.

The results below make for important reading. Two things stood out for us here at InnerDrive, as it reflects what we’ve been doing over the past few years….

What do teachers want – Bar graph (Teacher Tapp)

What teachers want: Free and affordable stuff

The most common answer as to what teachers report that they want is resources that are “free” or “affordable”.

This makes sense – the education landscape has been faced with significant constraints, with budgets reflecting this. Therefore, for something as important as Teaching & Learning, and indeed CPD in general, there has to be a real emphasis on getting value for money. To help with this, we have done the following…

Free evidence-informed graphics

Our resources section holds hundreds of free graphics. Some are for staff, some are for students, some are for parents/guardians. All of them are free, and all of them are linked to a blog that has links to the original research.

We love hearing from schools and colleges about how they use them: some include them in newsletters, others have them displayed on the walls. So, please feel free to use them in your setting.

Evidence-informed books

We think our books provide great value for educators. A lot of love and care went into them, and we think they provide great value based on their longevity and applicability.

The Science of Learning has been used by teachers worldwide, with many telling us they keep referring back to it year after year. Likewise, our most recent book, Teaching & Learning Illuminated offers great value by looking at Teaching & Learning in a different way, through the use of visuals and diagrams.


The Teaching & Learning Spotlight series

Want to stay up to date with the latest research? Our Teaching & Learning Spotlight shines a light on 40 new studies each year that can directly inform your practice. Created in collaboration with Jade Pearce, this webinar and digital magazine series ensure you stay up to speed. Given that most of this research is behind paywalls, we think this offers great value in an affordable way.

Practical, evidence-informed Teacher CPD your staff will actually love. Develop Teaching & Learning at your school thanks to Cognitive Science research.

What teachers want: High-quality and evidence-informed resources

At InnerDrive, we believe that education has the power to transform and change lives. In fact, it arguably does so more than anything else. And a central element of this is high-quality Teaching & Learning.

Given how important it is, this has two natural consequences to us:

  • The material has to be of the highest quality to reflect this importance
  • It has to be based on the latest and greatest research, as this stuff is just too important to get wrong

To help with this, we have created the following…

The Teacher CPD Academy

The Teacher CPD Academy is our answer to the question: how to do CPD across a whole school or college at scale?

To ensure it is evidence-informed, it includes interviews with world-class leading researchers who share their thoughts and studies in a way that is accessible and practical.

To ensure it is of the highest quality, we take great pride in designing and editing it to incredibly professional standards. We think this reflects the importance of the subject being discussed. By creating the highest quality materials, we hope that it makes it more accessible and engaging for all teachers using it.

In-person Teacher CPD training

Our live CPD training, including Inset days and twilight sessions, are of the highest quality. We cover areas from Cognitive Science, feedback, questions, leadership and AI. As well as being packed with the latest research translated for practical use (as you’d expect), we take great care in crafting each slide to the highest quality. This also transpires in the way that we deliver it.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what other people have said about them:

The Teaching & Learning Summit

Each year, we invite eight brilliant researchers, educators and teachers to present at the Teaching & Learning Summit, our conference hosted in partnership with the Tony Little CIRL. Each speaker has 22 minutes to inform, inspire and illuminate on their given topic. These leading experts in this field ensure the day is filled with evidence-informed strategies.

We’ve just announced our line-up for the 2025 Teaching & Learning Summit, and we’d love to see you there! Check out the event page to find out more and book your ticket…

Final thoughts

Given the difference that Teaching & Learning resources can make in an educator’s daily practice, it’s no surprise teachers want high-quality materials. And it has to be great value, too.

We will continue striving to produce both of these things. It is a pleasure and privilege to serve the education community through our CPD offering, and we take this responsibility seriously. We can’t wait to share with you what else we have to offer over the coming months and years – so watch this space!

About the editor

Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch is a Chartered Psychologist and a leading expert on illuminating Cognitive Science research in education. As Director at InnerDrive, his work focuses on translating complex psychological research in a way that is accessible and helpful. He has delivered thousands of workshops for educators and students, helping improve how they think, learn and perform. Bradley is also a prolific writer: he co-authored four books including Teaching & Learning Illuminated and The Science of Learning, as well as regularly featuring in publications such as The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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