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Growth Mindset Background

Managing your mobile phone

Most students now have a smartphone. They are an important part of how we all communicate and find out information, but they are also inherently dangerous to a student’s ability to do well at school. Smartphone usage can be addictive, cause concentration issues and create excessive stress. Research indicates that those who study in sight of their phone, even if they don’t use it, do 20% worse. This workshop addresses these questions and teaches students how to manage their smartphone smartly.

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Mobiles and multi-tasking
  • Multi-tasking is a myth
  • Phone addiction is a phenomenon
Mobiles and revision
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • The cost of listening to music while studying
  • Key strategies to use when revising
Mobiles and sleep
  • How much sleep the human brain needs
  • The cost of not getting enough sleep
  • The nine common sleep mistakes
Mobiles and stress
  • Experiencing FOMO
  • A warped view of reality
  • Digital detox: 12 ways to manage your phone better


  • The reality of phone usage
  • Good revision habits
  • The importance of sleep
  • How to combat the stress caused by social media

Improved Focus

The ability to stay focused on the right thing at the right time is key to a student’s ability to learn effectively. Our Concentration Training workshops teach students the key skills needed to do this. This workshop explores the challenges and obstacles students face in order to stay focused, as well as suggesting tips and practical strategies to help them improve their attention.