Studying With The Brain In Mind

Ignite your students’ academic potential with our engaging and interactive student study skills workshops based on the latest research.

In this student study skills workshop, your students will discover the secrets of optimising their brain’s potential during revision. By understanding how the brain works your students will be able to use it better.

Our student study skills workshop is rooted in the latest research and evidence-informed techniques. Our coaches make these concepts easy to grasp and easy to use. Through group discussions, practical experiments and real examples, your students will gain a deeper understanding of which study skills are effective, why they are effective and how to use them better. Whilst perfect for revision, this workshop also empowers students to become better independent learners.

By teaching students how to become better learners, we help them to learn more efficiently, take responsibility for their learning and become more confident when working by themselves.

Student Study Skills

This student study skills workshop will help students improve their:

  • Self-awareness
  • Independent studying
  • Time management
  • Self-regulation
  • Use of effective study skills

Key messages in this student study skills workshop


  • Why multi-tasking is so hard
  • Why multi-tasking stops us from learning effectively
  • How to be efficient and effective with your time


  • The brain’s limitations when remembering lots of information
  • How to improve memory: writing, simplifying, chunking, acronyms
  • Explore key study skills like retrieval practice and spacing


  • Why students struggle to get enough sleep
  • The psychological consequences of not getting enough sleep
  • How to avoid 9 common sleep mistakes


  • The conscious brain has a limited amount of mental energy
  • How to avoid procrastination

Managing stress

  • Why students struggle to read emotions effectively
  • When in doubt, we often assume the worst case scenario
  • How to manage and handle stressful situations

What to expect

Archbishop Temple C of E School wrote this insightful article about the time that we used we used our study skills workshops helped their Year 10 pupils prepare for exams. They said that our student study skills workshop was:

“Really engaging, with lots of useful information to take away”

Through interactive sessions, practical experiments and expert guidance, we empower students to develop effective coping strategies in order to maximise their learning and become better independent learners.  

Engaging, interactive and evidence-informed student workshops

As well as our student study skills workshop we have a range of other student workshops to help students motivation, mindset and resilience.

We also have a range of engaging and research-based Teacher CPD workshops that help to illuminate cognitive science as well as our Teacher CPD Academy that is an evidence-informed and on-demand online platform to enhance teahcing practice and empower student learning.

Explore our Student Workshops brochure


What can your workshops help my students with?

Our student workshops are all about practical skills and applicable strategies informed by the latest and most pertinent research. We cover topics that help boost study skills, stress management, mindset, leadership, collaboration & communication, phone management and preparing for the future.

How do you tailor your student workshops to my school’s needs?

We provide exactly what you need. Whether you’re after a single, one-hour session or a full day with multiple workshops and coaches, we have you covered. Plus, we deliver our workshops from small class groups all the way to whole-school assemblies. Our coaches will keep any size room engaged and inspired.

We are also very aware of the multiple competing goals schools have to balance. So, we are more than happy to help you choose the perfect combo of workshops and figure out timings if you need. All you have to do is get in touch!

What does the process of booking a student workshop with you look like?

Starting from your initial enquiry all the way to the day of the workshop (and even beyond), our team is here to advise you. We will gladly help you pick the perfect workshop for your school and figure out the timings of the day.

We sort out our own travel and accommodation when necessary and turn up early and prepared on the day, armed with all the materials and tools we need. Our coaches pride themselves on being low maintenance and high impact. Nothing is too much trouble – we all turn up to change lives for the better and put in the work to do so.

We are reliable, informative and entertaining, allowing you to relax, enjoy the day and let your students get the full benefit from the workshops.

Can you provide student workshops online as well as in person?

Absolutely! We love running student workshops in person, but we understand that this may not always be the most practical solution. So, our workshops are designed to be delivered online too, via the platform of your choice.

This allows us to provide you with the same great workshops, in a format that works for your school. And don’t worry: we have not compromised on the interactive and practical aspects of our workshops for online delivery.

Who designs your student workshops?

Our team is comprised of chartered psychologists, ex-teachers, Teaching & Learning research specialists – and more. We have built our expertise and honed our workshops over 15 years of working with schools all over the UK and internationally.

Who are the coaches who deliver your student workshops?

All our coaches are fully DBS-checked, highly trained and low maintenance. We want to make the day as stress-free as possible for you. For us, that means showing up early, with all the tools and materials we need, fully prepared for a day of workshops.

What does a day of InnerDrive workshops at my school look like?

In a nutshell: whatever you want it to look like. We are equally as experienced delivering short, whole-school training as we are full days of small-group training with multiple workshops and coaches. We will discuss the ideal workshop day for your school with you early in the booking process.

However, there is one common thread: our coaches always show up early, fully prepared, arms full of handouts and excited to deliver a great student workshop.

What have other schools thought about working with you?

Our clients have consistently rated our workshops an average of 4.8 stars out of 5, and many of the schools we work with book us year after year. You can read our reviews here, and see a list of the schools we have worked with here.

But if you’re after a more detailed answer to this question, check out this blog post recounting the experience one school’s students had with our Studying With the Brain in Mind.

What sets your student workshops apart?

We are highly specialised in one area: evidence-informed Teaching & Learning training, rooted in research, designed by psychologists and education specialists, and focused on practicality and applicability.

Over our 15+ years of experience, we’ve learned to truly tailor our workshops to fit each school’s unique needs. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure we deliver the ideal training for your school and make the entire experience stress-free for you, from booking to the day of the workshop.

It is this commitment that has earned us consistently high reviews as well as many schools booking with us again and again.

Get in touch

We would love to help you choose the perfect workshop for your school. If you have any questions or just want someone to give you a call back to book, please fill out this form.

One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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