Student Workshops

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Student leadership

Develop your students’ leadership and teamwork skills.

Our Student Leadership workshops introduce students to the principles of leadership, and then work on the practicalities of what this means in a school.

The workshops cover the four cornerstones of leadership: vision, values, passion and people skills.

Each student then gets the time and opportunity to practice some of the practical skills that are required to lead effectively. This is done through interactive leadership games.

This workshop helps students improve their:

  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving

The principles of leadership

  • Defining leadership and why it’s necessary
  • The characteristics of good leaders
  • The different styles of leadership

The cornerstones of leadership

  • Vision
  • Values (often includes work on deriving a statement of the group’s core values)
  • Passion
  • People Skills

The art and skills of leadership

  • Communicating – Listening, clarifying, informing, persuading, directing
  • Motivating – Influencing, challenging, inspiring
  • Managing – Problem solving, scheduling, delegating, fire fighting
  • Enabling – Removing barriers, providing resources
  • Supporting – Serve to lead


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