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Growth Mindset Background

Stress Management

Our stress management workshops introduce students to the key skills needed to manage their stress so that they can prepare for and produce their best work under the inevitable pressure of academic life. This pressure arises whilst meeting deadlines and during the build up to exams, the exam season, interviews, presentations and in sport. The philosophy behind our workshops is that once you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed at something you are often required to reproduce them under pressure or stress. The ability to do this can be taught; we do this using the LEAP model.

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  • We all have Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  • The consequences of negative self talk
  • You can control how you talk to yourself
  • Make your self-talk positive, helpful and energised
Emotional control
  • Negative emotions can often result in poor decision-making
  • Pinpoint what makes you nervous or frustrated
  • Manage emotions using “Recognise, Stop, Redirect”
  • Reframe threats as opportunities
  • It’s not how hard you focus but where you focus that matters
  • The common attention mistakes that students make
  • Focus on what you can control i.e. The Me, The Now and The Process
  • The link between your body and your brain
  • How body language can impact and increase your intensity
  • How to calm down with breathing


  • Exam Stress
  • Confidence
  • Stress Coping skills
  • Self-Regulation

Getting the most from our brains

Our Studying With The Brain In Mind workshops teach students how to get the most out of their brain during revision time. By better understanding how the brain works, your students will be able to use it better. We do this by making things very simple and understandable, whilst using lots of practical experiments and videos. The workshop looks at 5 key areas: Multi-tasking, Memory, Sleep, Organisation and Managing Stress.