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Growth Mindset Background

Growth Mindset

Our Growth Mindset workshops use research from Carol Dweck, the originator of the mindset theory, and other researchers to teach students how they can become great independent learners. The workshop explores the importance of effort, how mistakes help you learn, how to use setbacks as motivation, and the importance of curiosity and courage. This workshop gives practical tips and suggestions to help your students to help your students develop a growth mindset and improve their resilience.

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The role of effort
  • Don’t rush to say “I can’t”
  • The power of “yet”
  •  How to talk to yourself when you are struggling
Making mistakes
  • Mistakes are important to learning
  • Ask yourself: “What would I do differently next time?”
  • How to ask for feedback after a mistake
Dealing with setbacks
  • Highlighting famous failures
  • How to fail better
  • Reflecting on students’ setbacks and what they can learn from them
  • The importance of trying new things
  • How to step out of your comfort zone
  • Understanding and appreciating that the worst case scenario hardly ever happens



  • As independent learners
  • Their mindset
  • Metacognition
  • How they deal with failure
  • Persistence & resilience

How to use smartphones smartly

Most students now have a smartphone. They are an important part of how we all communicate and find out information, but they are also inherently dangerous to a student's ability to do well at school. Smartphone usage can be addictive, cause concentration issues and create excessive stress. Research indicates that those who study in sight of their phone, even if they don't use it, do 20% worse. This workshop addresses these questions and teaches students how to manage their smartphone smartly.