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Surviving University

Help your students transition comfortably into university life.


We realise that the current Coronavirus crisis makes it very hard for schools to know what September will look like. Of course, we’re happy to visit your school and deliver this workshop in person if it is possible and safe to do so. However, all of our student workshops are available for online delivery.

Our online platform allows your students to access, complete and revisit this workshop at any time. Thanks to a mix of videos, resources and experiments, our online courses are as engaging, interactive and practical as the ones we’ve been delivering for 14 years.

Find out more about this workshop below, and get in touch if you would like to find out more about our online offer or discuss bookings.

How to survive university

Our Surviving University workshops introduce students to the key skills needed to get the most out of their time at university.

The workshop is broken down into two main areas: living better and working better. The living better section covers moving away from home, seizing the day and managing your money. The working better section covers how to pace your work, university motivation and how to take good notes.

This workshop will help your students:

  • Get excited for university
  • Prepare for higher education
  • Manage doubts and fears
  • Understand the difference between school and university

Leaving home

  • Expectations vs Fears
  • How to overcome the “Spotlight Effect”

Seize the day

  • Life is short and time is precious
  • Maximising your time at university
  • What is your six-word story going to be?

Money matters

  • The 7 biggest expenses at university
  • How are you going to fund your time there?

Pacing your work

  • Why people procrastinate
  • How people procrastinate
  • Top tips to avoid procrastinating (i.e. asking yourself WIN questions)


  • Why note-taking is important
  • The trade-off between listening and note-taking
  • Top tips for thorough note-taking


  • What motivates you to do well at university
  • How to improve your motivation


Improved Focus