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The Mastery Mindset

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This workshop is now available online

This workshop has always been a favourite of schools in September – what better way to start the year than with a practical workshop allowing all students to develop good learning habits? However, due to the Coronavirus crisis, we’re aware that not all schools will be able to host in-person workshops.

This is why we’re adapting this workshop for online delivery. Using a mix of videos, resources and practical experiments, it will be available to your students on our online platform to complete and revisit at any time.

We’ve made sure that it stays just as engaging, interactive and high-quality as the workshops we’ve been delivering in schools for 14 years. And it is even more affordable, with prices starting at £7 + VAT per student…

Find out more about the contents of the workshop below, and get in touch if you would like to learn more or discuss bookings.

About the workshop…

Our Mastery Mindset workshops introduce students to the seven key habits of successful people and provide suggestions and ideas on how to acquire them.

The philosophy behind the workshops is that there is no guarantee of success, but by living your life by these habits you put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. It will help reinforce behaviours that will help your students achieve success.

This workshop will help your students improve their:

  • Mindset
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to deal with failure
  • Independent learning

Taking responsibility

  • Success and failure are in your own hands
  • Don’t play the blame game
  • Take ownership and control of the situation


  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Work out the steps needed to get there
  • Take action

Learning everyday

  • Be open to new ideas
  • How to speed up the learning process
  • Asking for and receiving feedback

Thinking effectively

  • Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

Using resources

  • Build a team around you
  • Get the most from teachers, friends and family

Work ethic

  • The relationship between work and success
  • What does hard work actually look like?


  • The importance of preparation
  • What does good preparation look like?


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